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2023 Legislative Session Update

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Today marks the 62nd day of the 105-day 2023 Legislative session in Olympia.   Wednesday, March 8 was a major cutoff for bills to be voted out of the House of Origin.  If bills did not pass out of the House of Origin, they are technically DEAD for this session, unless they are bills “Necessary to Implement the Budget (NTIB).”  All bills that do not pass will be alive in the 2024 60-day session.

The next revenue forecast is coming up on Monday, March 20 which means that Senate and House budgets, to include Operating, Capital and Transportation,  will likely be released shortly after.  Budgets will start to roll out in the next couple of weeks.  We expect them to be made public in the days following March 20th.  As the three budgets for both the Senate and House come out.

The next cutoff is on Wednesday, March 29 is the Policy Committee Cutoff in the Opposite House.  Which means this is the last day to read in committee reports from opposite house, except House fiscal committees and Senate Ways & Means and Transportation committee.

Real-Estate Summary

On the Real Estate end of things, all 6 rent control bills are now officially dead (HB 1388, HB 1389/SB 5435, HB 1625/SB 5615, SB 5697). Additionally, HB 1124 which had been the source is a lot of work and a potential deal between the parties, also died at the cutoff after the majority party went back on their deal.  That created some l fireworks between the parties as the minority party was very upset that the deal was not honored.  

Congratulations to everyone this year on all of their hard work in defeating these rent control bills!  The coalition that we have developed stood together strong and did an amazing job making sure these bills didn’t move forward.

There are still several problematic bills for real estate, including SB 5335 instituting a capital gains tax on real estate to pay for universal healthcare, HB 1628 which wood could create a4% REET tax in Washington state for sales over $5 million, that would make Washington the highest REET tax in the nation.

We will continue to work against these problematic pieces of legislation and report back.

Attached is the updated report of priority bills that we are tracking.

2023.03.10 - Self Storage 2023 Legislative Priorities HotSheet.pdf


UPDATES for 2023

WA-SSA Bill Status and Upcoming Events Report - 1/27/2023

Read status of the Rent Control Hearing.  THANK YOU to all who participated!

2023 Legislative Priorities 

2023 Pre-Legislative Session Update.pdf

General Election Update.pdf

This is the first document of many to come this year to keep you abreast of issues to monitor.  REMEMBER to reach out to your legislative representatives when a       request is received.  Remember voices DO matter.  

Check back regularly, and watch for updates from Lobbyists - Chester Baldwin and Mark Gjurasic.  

March 2022 - Update from our Lobbyists!

March 5, 2022 - our lobbyists submitted this report to our members:

Today, Saturday, March 5 is the 55th day of the 2022 legislative session. Yesterday, Friday, March 4 at 5:00 p.m. was the last major cutoff of bills to pass the Opposite House before Sine Die and the last day to consider opposite house bills.  The only exceptions are initiatives and alternatives to initiatives, budgets and matters necessary to implement budgets, differences between the houses, and matters incident to the interim and closing of the session.

This is the final stretch of this session with the Sine Die (end of session) occurring this Thursday, March 10th.

 WA-SSA Current Alive Top Tier Bill List – After Opposite House Fiscal Cutoff 

1. SB 5862 – Commercial Energy Program – C-PACER Fix – SUPPORT (C) 

2. SB 5818 – Promoting Housing Construction by Limiting SEPA & GMA Appeals – SUPPORT (A) 

3. SB 5463/SJR 8206 – Homestead Property Tax Exemption – SUPPORT 

4. HB 1770 – Energy Codes – Banning Natural Gas via SBCC – OPPOSE (A) 

5. SB 5722 – Performance Standards for Buildings (Under 50,000 feet) – NEUTRAL (C) 

Additional information about these bills, their sponsors, their current status, and more in the attached file

(C) = Commercial; (R) = Residential; (M) = Manufactured Housing; (A) = All 

Washington Self-Storage Association

 2021 Legislative Priorities


In the fall of 2021, our lobbyists shared with us the "Legislative Priorities". 


Legislative News:

In accordance with Proclamation 20-25, House of Representatives facilities are closed until further noticeLegislators and staff are teleworking and can be reached via email or by phone during regular business hours. To find who your State Representatives are, please go to:  

For general information, please contact the Legislative Information Center; 360-786-7573. To leave a message for your State Representatives and Senator: TOLL-FREE HOTLINE: 1-800-562-6000. For all other inquiries, please contact the Chief Clerk's office: 360-786-7750. 

The Legislative home page as at

Member Rosters & Information for 2019-2020. NOTE: a new roster list will be updated soon.  With elections just completed in early November combined with a few tight races, there are still results to be determined.

Web sites for Legislative Agendas, Schedules, and Calendars:

The ‘Overview of the Legislative Process,’ is at the following web site:

Naturally, with COVID19, attending in person events is very limited if at all possible, BUT for the future, this site may be of interest for Coming to the Legislature: 

which includes How a Bill Becomes a Law, How to Read a Bill, and How to Testify in Committee.

8-17-2020- WA-SSA Legislative Update PowerPoint.pdf

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