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Seattle's Rent Control Proposed Bills DEFEATED!

Thanks to all of you who contacted lawmakers in opposition of Seattle's Rent Control.  

HB 2583 and SB 6400, concerning local authority to address affordable housing needs through regulation of rent and associated charges, were introduced early in the 2018 session. These bills would have permitted local cities and counties to allow rent control on rented/leased residential properties as they see fit and would repeal the 1981 state preemption against rent control.

Seattle City Council Member, Kshama Sawant, testified supporting this legislation and argued that it would give more affordable housing to low income tenants especially those living in the Seattle area.  Senator Rebecca Saldana, Prime Sponsor of the bill, spoke of the need to keep affordable housing in Seattle and rent control was one of the tools in the “tool box” to allow low income tenants to live, work and retire in Seattle.

A big thank you to our lobbing team, Mark Gjurasic, Terry Kohl, and Chester Baldwin, who attended these hearings and went on public record in opposition on behalf of the Washington Self-Storage Association (WA-SSA).  I too had attended and voiced our opposition to either of those proposed Bills going further.

Neither of these bills were voted out of committee therefore, they are dead for the 2018 session unless they are amended onto another bill or placed into the budget, which will be unlikely.  But our lobbyists will most certainly keep monitoring and should anything come up, will most certainly notify us, and in turn you.

Donald G Arsenault, CCIM
A-SSA Legislative Chair

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